Selection of Automotive Wire Harness Tape

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Selection of Automotive Wire Harness Tape

The characteristic parameters of the tape are determined by the differences in the materials used and production processes of the tape itself. Tape with different characteristic parameters has different quality costs, which means that the price advantage of the tape is not the same. For example, the price of tape with the same specifications but different materials may also vary, so when choosing tape, two factors must be considered: the performance of the tape meets the requirements, rather than far exceeding them; Try to use regular tape and avoid using special tape to meet quality and cost requirements.

1. Selection of tape for engine wiring harness and engine compartment wiring harness

Polyester cloth based tape is the preferred tape for engine wiring harnesses. However, due to its high cost, it is recommended to only use it locally on the wiring harness. Secondly, PVC tape with high temperature resistance of 135 ℃ can meet conventional requirements. The wiring harness in the cabin is generally made of PVC tape with a temperature resistance of 105~135 ℃, and special parts are made of flannel tape or polyester cloth based tape.

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2. Selection of tape for instrument panel wiring harness and four door wiring harness

The working environment of the instrument panel wiring harness and the four door wiring harness is relatively stable. Ordinary PVC tape (with high temperature resistance of 85~105 ℃) can be used for wrapping or fixing the wiring harness to meet the requirements. When the wiring harness is too narrow or a clamp is used on the wiring harness, or when there is a large angle of folding in the direction of the wiring harness, non adhesive flannel tape or industrial plastic cloth can be used locally. When the wiring harness is in direct contact with hard materials but cannot be completely fixed locally, Locally use flannel tape, polyester based tape, flannel felt tape, felt tape, and sponge tape for cushioning, shock absorption, sound absorption, and noise reduction treatment.

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If the wiring harness plug (sheath) cannot be completely fixed during installation, sponge tape can be used for noise reduction treatment outside the socket sheath.

In order to provide convenience for on-site loading, different colors of tape can be selected for local wrapping of the four door wiring harness. For example, the left front door wiring harness uses blue tape, the right front door wiring harness uses green tape, and the left and right rear door wiring harness uses gray, silver, and other adhesives to distinguish, providing convenience for visual intuition. When multiple configurations of the same vehicle model appear, different colors of tape can also be used for local marking and differentiation, providing convenience for visual management of the loading site. This method is not only applicable to instrument and four door wiring harnesses, but also to other wiring harnesses.

3. Selection of adhesive tape for floor wiring harness

The floor wiring harness is placed under the interior of the floor, and the working environment is relatively stable. Its requirements for adhesive tape are not very high. The use of ordinary high-temperature resistant PVC tape of 85 ℃ can fully meet the requirements. When connecting to movable seats, some wear-resistant flannel tape needs to be used for winding at the connection area.

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4. Selection of adhesive tape for ceiling wiring harness, air conditioning wiring harness, and other small wires

When using ordinary PVC tape with high temperature resistance of 85 ℃ or 105 ℃, ordinary sponge tape can meet the requirements for noise reduction.

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5. Selection of ABS wire harness tape

Due to the fact that the ABS system is a safety component and the working environment near its four wheel speed sensors is relatively complex, it is generally reasonable to choose flannel tape or polyester cloth based tape when selecting tape. If the ABS harness is not separated separately, a combination of PVC tape, flannel tape, and polyester cloth based tape can be used.

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6. Selection of safety airbag wiring harness and safety belt wiring harness

The airbag wiring harness and safety belt wiring harness are relatively special components. Generally, the tape used is yellow PVC tape that can withstand high temperatures up to 85 ℃. The markings on the wiring harness can be ordinary white PVC tape. “

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