HX9523E -- PET Cloth Automotive wire harness tape
PTE Automotive wire harness tape

HX9523E -- PET Cloth Automotive wire harness tape

application Wire harness tape
carrier Cloth
caliper 151~200μm
construction Single-side Tape
compliace RoHS, REACH
performace_feature Low VOC/Odor, Flame Resistant, Solvent Resistant
heat_resistance 105℃

HX9523E -- PET cloth Automotive wire harness tape,A cloth based adhesive tape made from high-performance synthetic rubber coated with easy to tear polyvinyl chloride cloth. The product has aging resistance, corrosion resistance, and excellent easy to tear characteristics. The product meets the environmental requirements of low odor, low VOC, and ROHSREACH, with a temperature resistance of 105 ℃.

Color:Black/ Other

1.It is environmentally friendly, flame retardant, antioxidant, chemically resistant to liquid corrosion, and easy to tear by hand;
2.Cold resistance and heat resistance (-40 ℃ -105 ℃), compatible with various cable insulation materials, heat resistance up to+105 ℃, 3000 hours;
3.Complies with REACH and ROHS environmental requirements

Specially designed for wrapping automotive wiring harnesses, suitable for high temperature and wear resistance requirements.

Technical data:

Technical dataHX9523EHX9523AHX9524HX9523DHX9531
CarrierPET ClothPET ClothPET non-woven Fabric
AdhesiveSynthetic RubberAcrylicSynthetic Rubber
Tensile strength>60N/cm>60N/cm>60N/cm>60N/cm>30N/cm
Elongation at break>10%>10%>10%>10%>10%
Tearable by handYYYNY
Adhesion to steel>2.5N/cm>2.5N/cm>2.5N/cm>2.5N/cm>2.5N/cm
Adhesion to back>2.5N/cm>2.5N/cm>2.5N/cm>2.5N/cm>2.5N/cm
Temperature range-40~105°℃(T2)40~125℃(T3)40~150C(T4)-40~150C(T4)-40~105℃(T2)
Abrasion resistanceClass AClass BClass BClass DClass B
Noise testClass AClass AClass AClass AClass C

*Other thickness and sizes are avaiable.