HX-B500 Yongle Butyl Based Medium Voltage Rubber Tape 90℃ 46kV
Butyl Based Medium Voltage Rubber Tape
Medium Voltage Rubber Tape

HX-B500 Yongle Butyl Based Medium Voltage Rubber Tape 90℃ 46kV

application Rubber Tape
carrier -
caliper 101~130μm
construction Single-side Tape
heat_resistance 90℃

HX-B500 is a butyl based medium voltage tape possessing excellent electrical, chemical and physical properties. It is a self-amalgamating tape that maintains. It is a self-amalgamating tape that maintains a tight insulation build-up for void-free electrical stability and permanent resistance to moisture penetration. The excellent stretch of HX-B500 tape permits fast taping speeds and uniform build-up with normal taping techniques. HX-B500 is compatible with all extruded dielectric cable insulations.
. Self-amalgamating
. Outstanding corona and ozone resistance
. UV Resistance
. Excellent moisture
. Corrosion and chemical resistance.
For insulating and jacketing of splices on power cable from 600V through 46kV and for building stress cones and jacketing of terminations on power cable from 600V thru 35KV. Moisture seal for telephone joints and other waterproofing needs. Insulates and projects bus components.
Installation techniques:
Tapes should be stretched during half-wrapping so that the tape width is reduced to 3/4 of its original width. Overlap at least two layers of PVC tape outside of the rubber tape to provide mechanical protection.
Test Result:

PropertyUnitValueTest Method
Total Thicknessmm0.5ASTM-D-4325
Tensile StrengthPsi300ASTM-D-4325
Elongation at break%700ASTM-D-4325
Temperature range-40~90ASTM-D-4325
UV resistancePass---ASTM-D-4325
Water Absorption0.31%ASTM-D-570
Ozone ResistancePASS
Dielectric StrengthKv/mm28ASTM-D-4325
Dielectric ConstantV/mil2.7ASTM-D-4325
Dissipation Factor---0.02ASTM-D-4325
Volume Resistivity-96h@23℃ 50%RH1016Ohm-cmASTM-D-4325

Other Property:
◆ Color: Black  
◆ Shelf life: 12 months when stored in original packing carton at 23℃×65%RH
Tape Size:
◆ Standard slit Roll: 19mmx9mm/25mmx9m/38mmx9m/51mmx9m    
◆ Paper Core Inner Dia.: 38mm
◆ Jumbo roll: 800mm*300m, 240m2, 2 rolls/wooden box.
All the data above based on our testing, the user should do trial-application on the above products before coming into application, so as to witness and ensure suitability for user’s special purpose and technique.