UMD120 --- PVC Electrical Tape Rohs Approva
pvc tape
pvc insulation tape
pvc electrical tape
pvc electrical insulation tape
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UMD120 --- PVC Electrical Tape Rohs Approva

application Electrical Insulation Tape
carrier PVC
caliper 101~130μm
construction Single-side Tape
compliace UL, RoHS, CSA
performace_feature -
heat_resistance 80℃

UMD120 PVC Electrical Tape,A thin premium grade plasticized PVC film coated with an aggressive rubber based adhesive with good characteristics. It is highly conformable and unaffected by most chemicals and moisture. Meet ROHS requirement it does not contain substances harmful to human body such as lead and cadmium.
Electric insulation below 600V
Insulating wrapping of electric wires and cables
Marking of electric wires and cables
Can be used indoor and outdoor
Technical Data:

PropertyUnitTypical dataTest Method
Total Thicknessmm0.12ASTM-D- 1000
Tensile StrengthN/cm19ASTM-D- 1000
Elongation at break%220ASTM-D- 1000
Voltage resistanceV600UL510
Peel AdhesionTo SteelN/cm1.2ASTM-D- 1000
To BackingN/cm1.0ASTM-D- 1000
Rohs---YRoHs 2011/65/EU
Temperature80ASTM-D- 1000
Heavy Metal
Pb, Cdppm30US EPA3052
Hg, Cr6ppm10US EPA3060A
ppm10US EPA3540C

Other Property:
◆ Color: Black and other colors
◆ Shelf life: one year in the original packing carton when stored 23℃×65%RH
Tape Size:
Small roll: 19mm x 20m ◆ Paper Core Inner Dia: 32mm/38mm
All the data above based on our testing, the user should do trial-application on the above products before coming into application, so as to witness and ensure suitability for user’s special purpose and technique.