PET Automotive Reflective Tape

PET Automotive Reflective Tape

application Packaging Tape
carrier PVC
caliper >200μm
construction Single-side Tape

The PET reflective tape produced by Beijing Huaxia Yongle is suitable for the side and rear of various large trucks, trailers, and other vehicles. It improves visibility and ensures safety in any dark conditions, day and night.

Easy to handle and apply.
Easy to remove (Cracking does not occur when torn off).
Thin and flexible.
Edge Sealed (water and dust proof).
Easy to cut and paste.
Highly visible during daytime.
1-3 years of work performance.
Chemical resistance.
Truck, Vans, Vehicle.

Other Property:
◆ Color:White\Red\Yellow\Green\Red add White or Customizable.
◆ Pack:20rolls/ Caron, one roll in a box.
Tape Size:
◆ Carton: 42cm×42cm×33cm  Box: 20cm×6cm×20cm      ◆ Paper Core Inner Dia: 76mm
All the data above based on our testing, the user should do trial-application on the above products before coming into application, so as to witness and ensure suitability for user’s special purpose and technique.