PL10000 Profiled Pavement Marking Tape
Pavement Tape
Marking Tape
road marking tape

PL10000 Profiled Pavement Marking Tape

application Pavement Marking Tape
carrier Rubber
caliper >200μm
construction Single-side Tape

PL10000 series profiled pavement marking tape is highly reflective under both wet and dry conditions with a big block raised profile. The unique patterned construction combines technologies in beads, topcoats and adhesives. It is a conformable marking tape intended for lane and edge lines applications in highway work zones. It is a warning when you drive on the line. It is a solution to help drivers navigate work zones in all conditions.
Highly reflective, wet or dry; Durable for normal work zone life, installs and removes easily; It is designed for use as long lines, edge lines, channelizing lines, gore markings, stop bars, cross walks, symbols and legends.
Technical Data:

ItemsValuesUnitsTest methods
Thickness at thin spots1.61.6mmASTM-D-4325
Thickness at thick spots2.52.5mmASTM-D-4061
Retro reflectivity400250mcd ·m-21x1ASTM-D-4061

Performance Life:
The performance life of pavement markings will depend on the following:
● Traffic conditions
● Snow removal practices
● Pavement surfaces
● Application techniques
It is recommended that each customer thoroughly evaluate LUDWAY pavement marking tapes under the conditions in the specified location. While experience has shown that when properly applied, these materials are highly effective traffic control devices, LUDWAY Technologies makes no generalized performance claims.
Standard Dimension:
● Standard length:33m,50m.
● Standard width:10cm, 15cm, 20cm,40cm,45cm; Or according to customer's requirement.
● available color: white, yellow.
Important notice:
The information, data and other statements are based on our testing results, the user should determine the suitability of the product for its intended use.