PLI000 Anti-skid Wear-resistant tapes
Road Marking Tape

PLI000 Anti-skid Wear-resistant tapes

application Warning tape
carrier Synthetic Rubber
caliper >200μm
construction Single-side Tape

PL1000 anti-skid tapes are tough&durable and provides an excellent skid resistance because of the grips provided by the grit surface of the tape. Constructed of mineral coated plastic film and then top coated with a thick spread of silicon oxide grit is coated with pressure sensitive adhesive protected by a release liner on the back side.
Good anti-skid resistance; high tensile ; strong weather resistance; economical and simple application.
It is suitable for recreational areas such as ramps, playgrounds, pool areas, supermarket, stairways, work areas, snowmobiles, scooters, construction machinery, vehicles, machine shops, hazardous floors, industrial equipment, lawn equipment, trucks and trailers.

Technical Data:

CompatibilityPainted wood、painted metal、concrete、asphalt、porcelain、fiber glass
Application temperatureAbove  10℃
Performance timeAt least 1 year under 22℃/50% RH
Standard DimensionStandard length: 10m
Standard width: 2.5cm, 5.0cm Or according to customer's requirement.

Application Methods:
1 、Apply tape only to a clean, dry, grease  dust free surface. Coated with P120 contact adhesive if needed.
2 、Cut the tapes according to your need, peel off the elease liner.
3 、Press firmly into position to obtain maximum adhesion from the adhesive. You can get the best adhesion at 23C. At low temperatures, there is a chance of condensation forming, and the tack of the adhesive can be reduced.
4 、Use rubber roll or rubber ramp to press.

Important notice:
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