PVC warning tape-JSH130-1

PVC warning tape-JSH130-1

application Warning tape
carrier PVC
caliper 101~130μm
construction Single-side Tape

Marking Tape JSH130-1
High quality Soft PVC Film, coated with a rubber based adhesive, hand applicable
FEATURES:                                  BENEFITS:
·Rubber adhesive                         ·Black and other colors available
·PVC carrier                                  ·Highly conformable
STANDARD SIZES:                     COLORS:
   ·Length: 30m, 33m                   ·Black   ·White  ·Yellow
·Width: 48mm, 50mm                 ·Red    ·Blue   ·Green
·Core ID: 76.2mm                        ·Orange ·Violet  ·Brown
                                                    *Other sizes and colors are available on request

PropertiesValueUnitTest Method
Total thickness0.130±0 025mmEN 1942
Tensile strength≥18N/cmISO 29864
Elongation at break≥150%ISO 29864
Adhesion strength

ISO 29862
— to steel≥1.0N/cm
Tack≥6#GB/T 4852

Note: The listed values are required only and not intended to serve as product specifications
Indicated for floor marking of sport courts, factories, offices, banks, mails, parking lots. It can also be used for marking clear and smocked glass, as well as identifying industrial facilities  (oil, water, and other products pipes) . Used for decorating and protecting.
The shelf life of the product is one year when stored at 20-30°C, max 65% relative humidity and out of direct sunlight, in original packaging.