MZ100 -- Automotive Wire Harness Felt Tape
Automotive Wire Harness Felt Tape
Felt Tape

MZ100 -- Automotive Wire Harness Felt Tape

application Wire harness tape
carrier Felt
caliper >200μm
construction Single-side Tape
compliace RoHS, REACH
performace_feature Low VOC/Odor
heat_resistance 105℃

MZ100 felt tape is made by high quality polyester cloth coating with strong pressure sensitive adhesive. It has one white release liner. Excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, noise reduction effect, flexible, chemical resistant.

It is specifically designed for use in automotive industry for wire harness. The backing material is soft and thick to provide good noise reduction effect.
MZ100 is approved by Delphi and part No. is M0952.

Technical Date:

PropertyUnitValueTest Method
Total Thicknessmm1ASTM-D-1000
Tensile StrengthN/cm15ASTM-D-1000
Elongation at break%20ASTM-D-1000
180˚ peel strength to steelN/cm4ASTM-D-1000
Temperature Resistance-40~105VW60360(LV312)

Other Property:
Color: Black
Shelf life: 12 months when stored in original packing carton at 23℃×65%RH

Tape Size:
Standard Roll: 1.0mmx19/28/38mmx15m
Paper Core Inner Dia.: 76mm

All the data above based on our testing, the user should do trial-application on the above products before coming into application, so as to witness and ensure suitability for user’s special purpose and technique.