Fiber Tape HX-328

Fiber Tape HX-328

application Wire harness tape
carrier Cloth
caliper 101~130μm
construction Single-side Tape

Fiber Tape HX-328
HX-328 is based on PET film glass fiber material, high-strength two-way fiber tape, high viscosity performance, suitable for heavy cargo strapping and paper Packing, bundling, strengthening the sea during transportation Shipping cartons, courier bags tearing, etc.
Product Features:
Fiber Tape 328 is a transparent high-strength two-way fiber tape. Glass fiber filaments make this tape have better tensile strength than ordinary tape. It can be bundled together very well, and has the effect of two-way reinforcement and firmness. It has strong wear resistance, impact resistance and high holding force.
Storage conditions:
It is recommended to place it in a clean and dry place to prevent To prevent damage to the packaging, avoid and volatile solvents Put together, store at 4~26°C,The humidity is 40%~50%, and the stock is placed in rotation.

physical propertiesImperial UnitsMetric Unitstest method
Strengthening methodsglass fiber
gluesynthetic rubber
Total thickness4.7 mils0. 12 mmASTM D-3652GB/T7125
Peel force90°83 oz/in23N/25mmASTM D-3330GB/T2792
Retention force≥24h≥24hASTM D-3654GB/T4851
Tensile101 lbs/in450N/25mmASTM D-3759GB/T7753
Elongation3%3%ASTM D-3759GB/T7753
low temperature23-5BC/BD-220SEBC/BD-220SE
high temperature15870DHG-9055ADHG-9055A

*Different specifications and sizes can be cut according to customer requirements